[linux-elitists] doubleclick.net cookies for all!

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Sun Jul 2 15:31:01 PDT 2000

begin  Doc Searls quotation of Sun, Jul 02, 2000 at 02:37:12PM -0700:

> So I don't know. But I need to know before I rip these guys a new 
> asshole. 
> Being a bit less technical than most of ya'll, maybe you can help me a 
> bit here. 

"Opt-out" is the same pathetic weak excuse the spammers use.  I refuse
to opt out of anything.  

I would no more take a Doubleclick "opt-out" cookie than I would reply
to a spammer's remove address.  By doing so, you're only expressing
your agreement with their view of the world.

If people want to give their informed consent to being tracked,
fine. If they don't, they shouldn't be tracked. And it is the job of
freedom-loving people to fight privacy violations.  Even if we have
to take one of these to Doubleclick's net connection:
(Armored backhoe originally developed for land mine removal.)

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