[linux-elitists] Actual clueful story on DVD CCA

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Sat Jan 29 15:09:01 PST 2000

Quoting Heather (star@betelgeuse.starshine.org):

> Anyways, the real question is, how can we hit 'em where it counts, the
> pocketbook.  They're already getting ther Bucks from the licensees.
> The dent for lawsuits probably doesn't even look like a bad ding on
> their bumper.  If all Linuxers anywhere, never bought a DVD again,
> nay, started RMA'ing them (please take this back. It won't play.)
> would it help?  Dunno.

I honestly don't think so.  There isn't enough patronage in question,
and it's difficult to withhold it in a sufficiently dramatic fashion.

The technical community's strength does not lie in its numbers (and 
entertainment budget), but rather in its intelligence, technical
knowledge, organisation, articulateness, and access to publicity.  In my
view, we should encourage people to leverage those strengths.  Boycotts
are a losing tactic, and waste people's energies that are better spent
on more effective ploys.

Such as clear, articulate articles about the matter, written to be
comprehensible by regular readers -- revealing what the industry is
trying pull over on the public, and mocking them for their hilarious

"Hitting them in the pocketbook" is tantamount to trying to out-spend
them.  Not smart.  Hit them in the public's esteem, instead, and tear
to shreds the technical claims that underlie their legal moves.

Cheers,                             "Ceterum censeo Linux propaganda est."
Rick Moen                                        -- Seth David Schoen

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