[linux-elitists] decss list

Tabinda N. Khan tabindak@best.com
Fri Jan 28 11:41:58 PST 2000

Quoting Seth David Schoen:
> But I've written three messages to the list and one to the list owner
> asking for known and experienced Linux activists from the Bay Area to
> be added, and suggesting that some of the people here would have a lot
> to contribute.

Thanks. I have not yet tried to subscribe. I was
planning to, but then this discussion began and I wasn't
sure what to do.

> The way the decss list got started was that Weil used Cc: rather than
> using Bcc: in trying to serve defendants.  (Well, sure -- maybe some people
> have shared maildrops and don't _see_ Bcc:s.)
> So immediately Tom Vogt made a mailing list with all of the people who had
> been Cc'ed, and asked them to try to track down other defendants and get
> them on the list.

Thanks for the explanation. 

> (By the way, the EFF likes this case.  They really, really
> like this case.)
I like it too. I have been encouraging people to send
money to EFF, and have heard some good off-list ideas
from Don Marti re: fundraising ideas for EFF. With the
IPOs, the Linux community has changed. There is money
here now (or, at least, there will be after vesting and
lock-up periods). As I overheard someone say at the TRO
hearing, "This is not the same Linux community we had
last year." I'd be really interested in helping out
on this front.

> But remember that these people are all _being sued_ and therefore are more
> than a little wary about who sees the discussion of their plans for the
> future.  Some of them are in other countries and have not heard of any of
> us, nor our Linux activism -- so they hear that a non-defendant who is
> supposedly very excited about the case would like to be added to the
> mailing list of defendants, and they are "seized with fear and trembling".

This is perfectly understandable. I was being somewhat
critical, but mostly I just want to see this issue
discussed as we are doing here. I hope that the people
who know us activists here in the Bay area will help
bridge this gap so we can work together and be more



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