[linux-elitists] decss list

Tabinda N. Khan tabindak@best.com
Fri Jan 28 10:16:44 PST 2000

Disclaimer: I am not picking on Seth, who I happen to
think is an extremely cool person. I'm just replying to
his email so I can keep some context here. I'm sure he's
regretting ever mentioning the decss list. :-)

So, am I the only one who is somewhat disturbed by this
situation? I admit I know very little about it,
basically what Seth mentioned below and that people have
unsuccessfully tried to subscribe.

Is it too hard to type the 50 keystrokes to realize that
deirdre@deirdre.net helped out tremendouly at the first
court hearing, or that dmarti@zgp.org has been spending
a lot of time doing interviews and running the DVD
Source Code Distribution Contest? What is it exactly
that needs to be figured out?

I mean, I thought this was a community thing. I
understand that they might be wary of spies, but a small
amount (and I mean small) of investigation would reveal
that there are community people who want to help and be 
involved. Or are we all supposed to work separately on
this? That's fine too, I guess, but I wish someone would
just state that then. 


Quoting Seth David Schoen:
> So, the decss list is not only closed but also (as I hadn't realized) quite
> anxious about new subscribers, as they're expecting spies.  (I told them
> I thought they _already_ had spies there, but I guess the more the
> merrier.)
> They're trying to figure out what they're going to do about the requests
> from all of you folks. :-)
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