[linux-elitists] Actual clueful story on DVD CCA

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Fri Jan 28 10:12:09 PST 2000

> Please excuse me for posting a story that's already been on
> the Linux news sites, but this one actually scored more than
> 100 milliMoens on the clue scale!
> http://www.fool.com/portfolios/rulemaker/2000/rulemaker000127.htm

""    But attempting to use laws to prevent the natural commoditization of
""     previously proprietary products and the resulting transition to a
""    service-based industry... It's like prohibition in the 1920s. That's
""   not going to work. It's not even a holding action, it's just... dumb.

The question is, are we going to have to develop tommy guns?  Taking the
given example (prohibition) the government obviously didn't learn their
lesson - having created not only Big Crime but a market for it, even when
they repealed the alcohol they created Drug Laws (so Big Crime still exists,
in fact, probably got a boost in sales) and ever since the Rico (sp?) 
statutes (seizure of property used/owned by Big Criminals) the gov profits
from that too.

I like this one better:

"" Now the DVD people are explicitly suing the Internet at large, which makes
"" about as much sense as trying to hold the Pacific Ocean legally responsible
"" for Hurricane Andrew. Even if you win, what is it supposed to mean?

Compressed to its essential clue factor:

~" The Linux people made their own DVD PLAYER. ... a monopoly on DVD players
   until somebody made a DVD player without them, and they're mad.

Yup, cuz they didn't want to share at a price even our corporate types (SuSE
or Caldera, most likely) would sign up for either.

The journalist didn't even mention how embarrassed these guys should have 
been that it was so easy to brute force.

~" ...people pitching the DVD format... said... protects against copying.

Which was most amazing bullshitting.  

~" defendants showed up in T-shirts bearing the deCSS source code, which 
   Copy Control tried to enter into evidence (motion denied).

Did they really *do* that?  Was anybody here there for it?

> And Wired, I mean Lycos, comes in at 80 mM:
> http://www.wired.com/news/print/0,1294,33925,00.html

""    The copyright organization, Jeffrey Kessler said, would gladly
""   consider talking with "any financially responsible company who is
""   willing to enter into a license agreement."

Hmmm.  I'm a finaancially responsible company (a DBA in the small town
of Campbell),  Will they license it to me for the price of $10 flat fee?
NOT :)  

I'm guessing here: they will -talk- to the tune of "a zillion dollars"
and "insist it's a Big Trade Secret".  They will probably not even assure
me that they won't sue ME when I ship carefully proprietary binaries, but
someone (possibly actually illegally) pops them open with a debugger.

Why am I reminded of the patent office granting an ok to patent XOR? 

Anyways, the real question is, how can we hit 'em where it counts, the 
pocketbook.  They're already getting ther Bucks from the licensees.  The
dent for lawsuits probably doesn't even look like a bad ding on their 
bumper.  If all Linuxers anywhere, never bought a DVD again, nay, started
RMA'ing them (please take this back. It won't play.) would it help?  Dunno.
If record/CD stores started sending them back, it'd be more impressive, but
I don't think it would happen a lot of places, unless they're pissing off
store owners at this point.  (That would actually go toward hitting the
Licensees in the pocket, but maybe it would put some pressure on.)

> ObElitist: Anyone have a "masses of dumbass modem users" 
> simulator for web server testing?

How about chargen :)  Oh, you mean, to *retrieve* web pages!  

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