[linux-elitists] regarding DVD's

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Thu Jan 27 12:12:20 PST 2000

> DISTRIBUTION ... it's nice the GPL allows ... but I don't need that right
> for movies and DVDs.

hear hear!

[mucho snipped]
> I think free software people should communicate more about these ethical
> matters to the outside. I mean, constructions like "I only sell you the
> right to do bla" are somehow awkward don't you think? On one hand THEY
> claim that software should be treated like material goods (If you own a
> chair that you haven't bought or gotten as a gift, you have stolen it),
> but on the other hand they use such crappy things. If it's my chair (I
> bought it), I can do with it what I want - paint it, burn it, put a
> cushion on it, descramble it :-), reencode it (a chair? :-), whatever...
> Any comments on my 2E-2 cents? :-)

Re-upholster it, then replace the legs with rocking-parts.  By the time you're
done doing this, photos of the chair during purchase and the chair you now 
sit on would imply they are two different chairs, but they're not.  It could 
be argued that the chair has become a derivitive work, but it still contains
the old chair.

Unglue all the wooden parts for packing during a move, then reglue them back 
together when you move into your crowded but inexpensive new location.  Still
the same chair when it's done?  The DVD guys would claim that you were 
infringing on THEIR chair when you took it apart for moving.  And that you 
have no right to use it in an apartment if you bought it for a house.

My archival backups equivalent might be, you use the original chair (in 
danger of falling apart forever, maybe the wood is rotting) to make a plaster 
or other mold - perhaps a schematic - then carve or cast new parts into a 
chair that looks just like what you bought.  Then the original chair 
manufacturer, what?  Kicks down your door because you "reverse engineered"
their chair?

* Heather

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