[linux-elitists] regarding DVD's

ben@valinux.com ben@valinux.com
Wed Jan 26 18:01:47 PST 2000

You know something just dawned on me. Do you realize that the thing
that has made it essentially impossible to pirate DVD's is NOT CSS but
rather the fact that the data is already compressed.

See the thing that makes CD's so easy to copy is the fact that you can 
take the data off of a CD and turn it into a much smaller mp3. A mp3
is still pretty big but it is small enough that you can still move it
around without too much trouble.

With DVD's the data is so large and there is little hope of
compressing it further and so it will have to wait several generations 
of technology before it is even feasable to copy or move around rather 
than just one or two generations.


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