[linux-elitists] Chronicle tomorrow?

Seth David Schoen schoen@loyalty.org
Wed Jan 26 14:24:27 PST 2000

Don Marti writes:

> Just got a phone call from a reporter at the Chronicle regarding
> DVD.  There might be an article tomorrow for all you lucky
> people who get to stay in California while I stomp around in
> slush.
> Told him that if this case is really about illegal copying of
> DVDs, why hasn't DVD CSS _or_ MPAA introduced even one bootleg
> DVD, or even an offer to sell or trade a bootleg DVD, into
> evidence?  I told him to call them back and ask for one
> example.

Do you have contact information for that reporter?  There is going to be
a meeting tomorrow afternoon about PR stuff, and it would be neat to
know of somebody who would be interested.

For that matter, is anybody still in touch with Rebecca Lynn Eisenberg?

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