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WRHambrecht really surprised me with the excerpt below

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-<Open Source - WRH+Co Initiates Coverage on Andover.Net (ANDN)>-
  Scott Olsen

WRH+Co initiated coverage of Andover.Net with a Market Outperform, our 
highest rating. We believe Andover.Net has a tremendous market 
opportunity for the following reasons:

The Open Source methodology is an entirely new paradigm in software 
development, sales, marketing, and distribution that has fundamental 
advantages over current, proprietary development methodologies. This 
disruption will likely cause traditional IT players to loose business 
to the new entrants that will define the new industry and capture new 
revenue streams.

We believe investors should not underestimate the importance of 
Andover.Net to Linux and Open Source software development. Andover.Net 
is one of the companies helping bring about a significant change in the 
corporate IT marketplace. More specifically, through its collaboration 
platform, Andover.Net is able to aggregate developers and users of Open 
Source projects, and to facilitate the communication that spawns this 
new software development process. 

ANDN also has an attractive demographic from an advertising standpoint. 
Andover.Net has a leading market share of the Linux/Open Source 
community traffic (58%).

Andover.Net plans on leveraging the active participation of the large 
developer base to engage in three revenue lines: 1) advertising from 
its site; 2) ecommerce sales; and 3) creation of Corporate Services. 
Keys to growth will be strategic acquisitions, continued attraction of 
Open Source developers, and development of new and compelling corporate 
services based on the knowledge created at its collaboration sites. 

The entire report on Andover.Net can be read at 


Open Source & Info Appliances Page:



-<IPO Weekly>-

The IPO market made financial news headlines in 1999, with a total of 
543 deals raising $100.7 billion.  This record year eclipsed the 
previous top of 820 IPOs in 1993 raising $57.9 billion.  These newly 
public companies ran the gamut from old familiar names such as UPS, to 
cutting-edge business segments involving business-to-business 
ecommerce, Open Source/ Linux and e-frastructure, to name a few. 


Additional Linux deals are expected to come to market in 2000 as this 
operating system continues to gain momentum. Some companies expected to 
go public in this space this year are Atipa, Caldera, and Linuxcare. 
Another sector to watch is Enterprise Information Portals (EIPs), where 
the portal takes on a whole new meaning in the corporate world. 
Companies in this space include Epicentric, Glyphica, and Plumtree.

\|/ New WRH+Co Research \|/

ANDN Initiating Coverage Report 


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