[linux-elitists] Spoofing Outlook (was [Fwd: Don't do this. REALLY. I mean it.])

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Wed Jan 5 11:15:36 PST 2000

For those of us who enjoy ragging on the beast from Redmond, fun with email;
Sinister use, here we come!

* Heather

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Subject: Spoofing Outlook (was [Fwd: Don't do this. REALLY. I mean it.])

GOt this off an internal newsgroup. I don't have access to Outlook(thank
god) so I can't confirm if it's
true or not. certainly sounds good though :)

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Subject: Don't do this. REALLY. I mean it.

[ culled from dev-null ]

Viridian Curia Member Laura Stinson points out that people unwise enough
to use "Microsoft Outlook" cannot read the entire "Manifesto of January 3,
2000."  That's because one line of the text happens to begin with the
word "begin," followed by two spaces.  When Microsoft Outlook sees this, it
interprets everything that follows as an attachment.

I'll bet you didn't know that you could blind Microsoft Outlook readers
merely by placing the innocuous term "begin" in a text, thus giving a
preferential advantage to readers who spurn Microsoft products. Now you
know this.  I hope you don't put your newfound powers to any sinister use.

Mark Wendell
Pacific Data Images
"What's he promoting in there?"

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