[linux-elitists] (forw) Tripwire: Open Source?

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Tue Feb 29 19:48:05 PST 2000

> Well, here's the letter I sent in.  It _still_ feels just a little
> harsh, but perhaps that will help the message sink in.  <shrug>  
> I might have approached the matter in a slightly more-generous spirit
> had these guys not applied a cluelessly wrong remedy to the
> project-stagnation problem in 1997, creating a gaping hole in free
> software that Rami Lehti and friends barely fixed in time.
> If nothing else, AIDE deserves some high-profile publicity, and, if it's
> at Tripwire, Inc.'s expense, all the better.  The latter people are
> awfully late to the party, _if_ they're in fact joining us at all.

I hope that your letter convinces Tripwire to actually come in and join the
party instead of standing in the door sucking up press to no consumer 
I think it'd also be worth checking if there's any "prior" to their claim
that they're the first security company to opensource.  Entirely possible
that others have, but before source availability was sexy, it was merely
another section of one's BBS.  First -well known- one, maybe.

> ----- Forwarded message from Rick Moen <rick> -----
[[ trimmed a bit ]]
> In 1997, Purdue Reseach Foundation (the code's owner) licenced exclusive
> commercial rights to Gene Kim's new company, initially named Visual
> Computing Corporation, then Tripwire Security Systems, Inc., and finally
> Tripwire, Inc.  That company has released versions 1.3 through 2.2.1 as
> proprietary, binary-only software (while furnishing source in an
> "Academic Source Release" (ASR) variant subject to certain proprietary
> restrictions).
Anyone besides me find it funny that this acronym ASR also implies the
LART RIck is applying?

* Heather

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