[linux-elitists] Lisa Bowman on DVD, DMCA, Linux

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Tue Feb 29 08:09:26 PST 2000

> > 	Some possible uses may not be protected Fair Use purposes.  There 
> > 	are already laws against piracy; use them against specific pirates.
> Now, with the DMCA, there are laws against the ability to use a copyrighted
> work in a way that the copyright owner doesn't approve of and tried to use
> a technological measure to prevent.  (There are also laws against using
> that ability -- but obtaining that ability, for yourself or for someone else,
> is a separate infringement.)
> A few possible solutions:
> - Help get the DMCA overturned (maybe possible) or repealed (very unlikely)

Maybe we can get it permanently injuncted against with the law still on the
books like Lile and the ACLU did with the CDA law in New Mexico.  That would
really rock.

> - Move to a non-WIPO country (inconvenient)


> - Become an anarchist (easy and inexpensive!)
> - Protest in front of movie theaters (very gratifying)

I imagine Leslie Fish is going to have a grand time with this stuff. I'm
going to Consonance (filk/folk music convention) next weekend.  I'll let
you guys know what sort of rabble-rousing songs have sprung up.

* Heather

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