[linux-elitists] Mixing character sets in web pages

Seth David Schoen schoen@loyalty.org
Mon Feb 28 22:17:06 PST 2000

Heather writes:

> > Can current browsers without Unicode support nonetheless support mixing
> > (say) iso-8859-1 and iso-8859-2 characters in the same HTML document?  If
> > so, how?
> I don't know, I hadn't thought of it, but... did you check on the Lynx 
> mailing list?  It supports Unicode now but it didn't once upon a time,
> and maybe the solution is in there.

It's a good idea.  I should take a look there.

According to a page I found today, Netscape and MSIE now already have
limited Unicode support -- _if_ you tell them that your document is
encoded in UTF-8, and then use numbered character entities.  (So, the
numbered character entities aren't actually UTF-8, but apparently the
mention of UTF-8 is enough to convince those browsers to accept
Unicode input.)

I'm going to try this soon and see what happens.  But I'd be interested
to try it in lynx, because lynx does seem to have such good
internationalization support.

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