[linux-elitists] LDP Haiku

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Thu Feb 24 20:47:44 PST 2000

Here are a few "found haiku" from the Linux HOWTOs.  I might go
in search of more when I refine my script from a simple
"17-syllable sentence finder" to a better haiku detector, and
add syllable counts for words that don't appear in the CMU
pronouncing dictionary.

A super daemon 
is bloat for those who only 
want one small feature
        -- Werner Hauser, Linux Laptop HOWTO

I suppose you have
to fiddle around a bit
to get this working
	-- Werner Hauser, Linux Laptop HOWTO

It only takes a 
user with a modem to 
compromise your LAN
        -- Mark Grennan, Firewall and Proxy Server HOWTO

Examples of smooth 
running existing systems 
are also welcome
        -- Stein Gjoen, HOWTO: Multi Disk System Tuning 

CD-ROMs have a 
spiraling track much like an 
audio record 
        -- Skip Rye, Optical Disk HOWTO

Rest assured that they 
can determine that it's there 
and will exploit it
        -- Kevin Fenzi & Dave Wreski, Linux Security HOWTO

The one condition 
is that credit is given 
where credit is due
        -- Harvey J. Stein, The UPS HOWTO

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