[linux-elitists] Reformism versus radicalism and UCITA (was: Re: [linux-elitists] death knell for shrinkwrap...)

Seth David Schoen schoen@loyalty.org
Thu Feb 17 16:31:14 PST 2000

Seth David Schoen writes:

> Heather writes:
> > Jim Dennis predicted that UCITA (if passed and actually attempted to be
> > enforced) would be the death knell of commercial software... 
> > 
> >   * because -some- businesses can't afford risky things like agreeing
> >     to b.s. written on page 23 of a 25 page document of which only
> >     12 lines are shown to you at a time with an OK button.  (So far, 
> >     they've been relying on the clause waaaay near the bottom that says
> >     um, and if this is illegal in your state, whatever that was we didn't
> >     say it, but the rest is in full force.)
> > 
> >   * because if we can't reverse engineer to make interoperable, why 
> >     then, we'll just stop buying the one we can't modify.

Richard Stallman gave his view of these and related arguments at


He suggests that proprietary software vendors will not use UCITA in a way
which would provoke a severe backlash, because they are "greedy and ruthless,
but they are not stupid".

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