[linux-elitists] Man oh man!

Matt Bartley mbartley@exair.org
Mon Feb 14 11:31:11 PST 2000

> Among the big reasons for tables making sites slow, is they don't have the
> decency to split it into multiple tables, and use sections with no tables:
> --- table 1--------------------------------------------
> [ big fat logo...................] [ quick nav gadget ]
> ---end table 1-----------------------------------------
>       [annoying but centered ad widget]
> --- table 2--------------------------------------------
> [spiffy   [yada blah blah blah ]
>  sidebar
>  for a 
>  while]
> ---end table 2-----------------------------------------
>    feetnotes mentioning copyright details (or a link)
>                  in itty bitty print
> as opposed to the whole darn thing being 1 table, or especially
> a complicated one, renders much faster.

I'm just amazed when I run across www pages which take upwards of 10
seconds to render, and that's not on an exactly slow system.  (300 MHz
K6-2) Sheesh, am I going to need to get a 650 MHz Athlon just to surf
the web?

> > dain bramaged NT firewall).  Unlike home, where I usually don't even
> > run X, I leave X and Netscape running all the time here.  I use
> > junkbuster. (though it's a long outdated version, and the maintainer
> > of the Debian package has ignored that)

> You should file a bug in their bugbase.  Someone will have to assign it
> a priority, and you'll be able to track it.

Someone else posted a bug report to that effect 1 year, 89 days ago.

junkbuster: New upstream Version 2.0.2 and new blank patch available

"When PCs run new applications successfully, most people feel relief
and almost pathetic gratitude - a standard of reliability tolerated in
no other consumer product."
        _Economist_, Sept. 12 1998

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