[linux-elitists] Man oh man!

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Mon Feb 14 07:51:21 PST 2000

I didn't see anything in here that needed to be private; my apologies if you
meant it so, but I've cc'd it back to the Elitists.

>>> line 126 column 1 - Warning: <table> lacks "summary" attribute
>> Almost nobody uses one of these. Anyone have an URL of someone properly using
>> a summary attribute, so I can see what the browser stack thinks of it?
> I have no idea what that tag does.  In what little HTML I've done I
> don't use tables anyways, whereas it seems most of the www sites I see
> use tables for *everything* to be KeWl. (and make the page render
> incredibly slowly) Not surprising they get something wrong.

Among the big reasons for tables making sites slow, is they don't have the
decency to split it into multiple tables, and use sections with no tables:
--- table 1--------------------------------------------
[ big fat logo...................] [ quick nav gadget ]
---end table 1-----------------------------------------
      [annoying but centered ad widget]
--- table 2--------------------------------------------
[spiffy   [yada blah blah blah ]
 for a 
---end table 2-----------------------------------------
   feetnotes mentioning copyright details (or a link)
                 in itty bitty print

as opposed to the whole darn thing being 1 table, or especially
a complicated one, renders much faster.

I miss the hyper meta company CGI.  Maybe I'll redo it, and charge money
for making it cough up web pages if you fill in your own blanks.  This
was a CGI my pal dav0 had pointed me at, it looked like a fairly reasonable
if somewhat dry company web page.  Picture of office next to mission 
statement, pictures of a couple of principal players, pictures of a 
prototype widget next to a fully buzzword compliant description.  :)

>>> on a very low bandwidth connection like mine.  (26400)
>> I don't bother turning off image loading; if I didn't want images, I use
>> lynx, because I don't want javascript or java either, and it has faster 
>> search features and waaaaaaaaaaaaay more enjoyable bookmarking.  That it 
>> ships for a bunch more platforms, well, that's gravy.
> Here at work (I'm at work now), things are different.  We have a
> decent 'net connection (DSL; not great because I'm trapped behind a
> dain bramaged NT firewall).  Unlike home, where I usually don't even
> run X, I leave X and Netscape running all the time here.  I use
> junkbuster. (though it's a long outdated version, and the maintainer
> of the Debian package has ignored that)

My home connection is DSL (although I'm in the boonies, so be thinking
"stable" not "speedy") -- I just sometimes don't want to deal with their
stupid glitz.  I usually use X to work on graphics, or quite heavily at
the end of the month, because NS and lynx have different misbehaviors
when my Answer Guy transformation script goes awry. 

You should file a bug in their bugbase.  Someone will have to assign it
a priority, and you'll be able to track it.

I don't trust other people's notions of what I want to block, so I whipped
up my own solution.

-*- Heather

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