[linux-elitists] Man oh man!

Matt Bartley mbartley@exair.org
Sun Feb 13 11:39:02 PST 2000

> > Off topic - tidy has a nasty tendency to replace those character codes
> > with escape sequences which neither netscape 4.7 nor mozilla
> > recognize. (such as “ and ’) demoronizer replaces seems to
> > replace them with simple ACSII workarounds. (` and ' respectively)
> > lynx OTOH does seem to recognise “ and ’.

> My current version of lynx wiped out the offending characters entirely
> (2.8.2 rel 1).  I'm sure my laptop's more advanced lynx-ssl might do a

#include <aol.h>
Mozilla does that too.

I'm using lynx-ssl in Debian; it identifies itself as 2.8.2rel1:

% lynx -version

Lynx Version 2.8.2rel.1 (01 Jun 1999)
Built on linux-gnu Feb  1 2000 23:23:47

> better job.  It did however recognize that these weiners don't use ALT
> tags on their mostly decorative fluff.  (space.gif, shim.gif, repeated
> multiple times)  And their Logo isn't even ALT'd to the name of their 
> zine.  Duh.

Yep.  There are tons of errors like these:

line 126 column 1 - Warning: <table> lacks "summary" attribute
line 129 column 6 - Warning: <img> lacks "alt" attribute

> Netscape 4.61 (which I'm sticking with until the others stop being crashy)
> puts ? instead of the unrecognized characters.

AOL  (with netscape 4.7)

> It's pretty easy to tell about dont and other missing apostrophes though.
> Hardly even worth whining about, except to genteely advise them that they
> look dumb instead of professional.  They're not following accessibilty 
> guidelines; given that they're targeting gov that's not too bright either.

I was just looking at slashdot, and it looks like several of the
headlines even there need to be demoronised.

> They also have an apparently unnecessary cookie, and two ads at the bottom,
> one of which my personal adzapper replaced.  The other one doesn't pass
> the allowed-in-Heather's-ad-spaces test, so I added it to my adzapper.

Leaving image loading off is effective too. :-)  Absolutely necessary
on a very low bandwidth connection like mine.  (26400)

"When PCs run new applications successfully, most people feel relief
and almost pathetic gratitude - a standard of reliability tolerated in
no other consumer product."
        _Economist_, Sept. 12 1998

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