[linux-elitists] Man oh man!

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Sun Feb 13 11:25:44 PST 2000

> Seth David Schoen writes:
> It would be cool if Tuxtops would take the opportunity to support and
> publicize the DeCSS defense, although I doubt that very many of their
> prospective customers are unaware of the issue. :-)

I can't speak for them, only for myself.  But I think that a great deal of
the power in the current defense is that they are plain folks, just wanting 
to view what they have been (rightfully) sold;  that we as a community are
being prevented from viewing, merely because They bought into MS' monopoly.

If The Industry decides they can rape a budding small business over it, then
what?  They will attempt to spin it into a business issue, and the grassroot
effect of the defense might dim.  I should talk to my friend Lile Elam about
this though.  Art on the Net (art.net) has been involved in numerous free
speech cases, and been hotly defended by the ACLU.  She was pretty bubbly 
when they won a case in ... I think it was Massachusetts.

Slapping the Industry in the face with the fact that viewers will only buy
what they can view, people with Fair Use needs won't buy if they won't be
allowed the fair use of parts, and crooks could always (even before the code)
copy the bits without looking into them, ought to be worth quite a bit.  
The problem as it presently stands -- they seem to have enough money from
the sheep to attempt to fleece the rest of us.

Meanwhile I eagerly await LiViD's release of a "stable" viewer.

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