[linux-elitists] Man oh man!

Seth David Schoen schoen@loyalty.org
Sun Feb 13 10:17:15 PST 2000

Seth David Schoen writes:

> They say that LiViD was demonstrating Linux laptops playing DVD videos at
> LinuxWorld.
> LiViD is no longer based in a country with anticircumvention laws, and the
> CSS trade secret, if there ever was one, seems to have been irrevocably
> lost.
> So, I think it's likely that there will continue to be useful Linux DVD
> video software.  (And DVD drives are useful for things other than DVD video.)

It would be cool if Tuxtops would take the opportunity to support and
publicize the DeCSS defense, although I doubt that very many of their
prospective customers are unaware of the issue. :-)

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