[linux-elitists] Man oh man!

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Sun Feb 13 07:53:36 PST 2000

> Probably most of you have seen the /. article, but I find this the first
> of the inevitable round of turnarounds.
> http://www.gcn.com/vol1_no1/daily-updates/1308-1.html
> It reminds me of Matt Bartley's sig....

The shareware groupware he's talking about probably include most of the
improved palm desktop clones.  I heard one small client express that it's
a shame the pilots cost so much (well, ok this was when they first came out,
and they weren't very big) but the appointment software was tempting them.

BTW I'm pleased to note I'll be starting with Tuxtops, who'll be selling 
linux on laptops with NO WINDOWS TAX! :)

* Heather

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