[linux-elitists] Lusers at Network Associates

Derek Vadala derek@usfca.edu
Fri Feb 11 11:27:06 PST 2000

On Fri, 11 Feb 2000, Seth David Schoen wrote:

> Deirdre Saoirse writes:
> > http://www.currents.net/newstoday/00/02/11/news12.html?&_ref=1477639309
> I shall take revenge by critiquing the paraphrased NAI claims in my
> forthcoming article.  I had been waiting for someone to say that this
> all proved that Linux was insecure. :-)

You might to check out http://www.hiverworld.com for an example of this
done properly.

They have a non-marketeering equivalent to the FUD that NAI is selling.
Their CIO is John Flowers who has won the Defcon capture the firewall
contest a couple of years in a row (while singularly competeing against a
team of NAI security engineers).

"Nelson said that running CyberCopScan is a complex process requiring
someone knowledgeable in IT (information technology)."

Huh? My first exposure to Cybercop was a Price-Waterhouse audit analyst
(READ: accountant who knows how to use Word) who thought it would be a
good idea for him to run this against my internal network but was "having
trouble downloading it from the server".

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