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Looks like I'll finally get to meet Orrin Hatch and Chuck D.  

Conference attracts digital music luminaries
Rachel  Chalmers
GMT Dec 29, 2000, 03:32 PM | ET Dec 29, 2000, 10:32 AM | PT Dec 29, 2000,
07:32 AM

San Francisco - The organizers of the Future of Music Policy Summit, to be
held in Washington DC next month, have pulled together an astounding array
of movers and shakers in the digital music world. Confirmed attendees
include Leonardo Chiarglione, who heads the Secure Digital Music
Initiative; Don Marti, who encouraged hackers to boycott the SDMI's public
challenge; and Ed Felten, who took up the challenge and cracked SDMI. The
presence of these three alone would be enough to guarantee a stimulating
couple of days, but the Future of Music conference promises far more.

On the side of more liberal copyright laws and better legal protection for
hackers are the Electronic Frontier Foundation's John Perry Barlow and
Robin Gross, as well as Eben Moglen, the Columbia law professor who
masterminded the defense of DeCSS hackers on behalf of the EFF. Jon Potter
of the Digital Media Association will defend the Net radio stations who
have built their businesses on MP3, while Monty Montgomery, lead developer
on Ogg Vorbis, will defend his patent-free replacement for that format.

Rapper Chuck D will no doubt speak for musicians who dream of liberation
from the iron contracts imposed by record labels, while Recording Industry
Association of America president and CEO Hilary Rosen will present the
opposing view. And the US Senator from Utah and chair of the Senate
Judiciary Committee, Orrin Hatch, will doubtless continue to pursue his
own agenda.

Hatch is the highest-profile attendee so far, but the Future of Music
Coalition still hopes to confirm two more big fish: Napster CEO and Hummer
Winblad venture capitalist Hank Barry, and US Senator John McCain. Even if
Barry and McCain don't make it, this conference will unite some of the
most interesting and influential people working in and thinking about
music. Watch this space.

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