[linux-elitists] lynx users drink Coca-Cola(tm)

Heather star@starshine.org
Tue Dec 26 12:30:14 PST 2000

... or at least, they might prefer to, since they are completely disinvited
from Pepsi's website (www.pepsi.com).  After a cheap redirect, it has no 
NOFRAMES section, and the BODY that is offered is empty except for an 
attribute to invoke its javascript to write up a frameset.
Whereas, if they had stuck with a normal frameset, it might be a little ugly
but at least it would have worked.

I'm thinking of a good way to slap Pepsi's web staff around with this one.
I mean, other than the fact that I used coke(tm) vs pepsi(tm) to explain
trademark to someone in LG this month, and felt compelled to tack in a warning.

* Heather * All his life he has looked away... to the horizon, to the sky, to 
            the future.  Never his mind on where he was, on what he was doing.
                -- Yoda

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