[linux-elitists] video, vidia (was: CPAN)

Heather star@starshine.org
Tue Dec 26 12:15:33 PST 2000

> > and Naderites, and even, and yes, I myself am frightened by this, among
> > fans of Phil Agre.
> He's not that bad, once you've learned to skip the political agenda. Out
> of my many sources on the net he's one of the few not braindead ones.
Well, it may be a truism on the flavor of "readers of the national enqwuirer
are among the few who still read" but, it seems that some political debaters
at least still try to use brains once in a while.

It's when they decide their political views are "religion" -- a faith not
to be swerved nor shaken by Facts -- that we get into problems.  And the 
religion of the decade has been to Protect Corporate Interests Because That's
Good For The Economy.  ranks right up there with Protect Our Children By
Getting Rid Of Rights.

> On an unrelated vein, is that just me or are nVidia drivers really lousy?
> I've been very happy with Matrox Mystique and Millenium I for many years,
> and this flaky behaviour (just lost an hour of work) is highly untypical 
> of a rock-solid feel I had over years become to associate with Linux. Is
> there a recommended list of hardware/software for reliable systems out 
> there? I'd really welcome a pointer.

I have been using a Matrox Millenium on betel since day one and never had
a glitch.   I tend to prefer well supported stuff to bleeding edges in the
video department.  The requirements analyst in me says, what cool features
do you expect in the video, and can you get these in something that was
built last year so the drivers have been banged on a bit?

* Heather

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