abuse complaint [aaronl@vitelus.com: [linux-elitists] X86 assembly as spam]

Mr.Bad mr.bad@pigdog.org
Tue Dec 19 23:26:13 PST 2000

>>>>> "DW" == Dan Wilder <dan@ssc.com> writes:

    Me>  You're kind of a dim bulb, aren't you?

    DW> Could be.

Nah, probably not all the time.

I just had to insult you because I have low self-esteem and the only
way I can feel better about myself to put other people down.

Kind of sad, really.

    DW> Damn.  I hate it when that happens.  Shot from the hip and
    DW> shot my own self in the foot.  Again.

Helps to pull the gun out of the holster, Don Knotts.

[DAMN! Did it again.]

    DW> Can I go for partial credit?

I'd say probably sending off another message to znet.com with the
correct info might be a good first step. They were still stupid, even
if you got the facts a little off.

~Mr. Bad

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