[linux-elitists] Prior art search, anyone?

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Thu Dec 14 22:15:55 PST 2000

If this doesn't convince people that software patents are a crock
of shit, nothing will.  BT is suing Prodigy Communications Corp., of
all people, over their bogus "hyperlink patent."



BT's lawyers? Kenyon & Kenyon, the same firm that sent out the CueCat
letters. Can you say "took the short bus to law school", boys and girls?

Obviously, BT's quiet shakedown of the major ISPs has gone nowhere.
Remember, they hired some "intellectual property licensing" firm to
negotiate patent licenses...and which was louder, the doors slamming in
their face, or the laughter, we'll probably never know.

Anyway, Prodigy being rather the small fish in all this, I think that
people should volunteer to help them out.  Perhaps I'll do the open
letter thing.

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