[linux-elitists] Infoworld article on privacy law

Steve M Bibayoff smb23@csufresno.edu
Fri Dec 1 19:32:52 PST 2000

>WASHINGTON - DESPITE uncertainty in the outcome of the
>2000 presidential election, privacy advocates expect
>the next Congress to pass a law providing basic
>protections for consumer privacy online.
>A general-purpose online privacy law would affect all
>Web sites run by U.S. companies and nonprofit
>organizations, and it could require significant
>investments in network security, database management,
>and auditing systems, experts say.
>For the full story:
(removed tracking info, since I got scorned the last time I included it on
that other list)

The $1.99 question is how many riders will be included w/ this so called
privacy bill that will take away more of your rights? Guesses, anyone?

If Microsoft doesn't trust Windows(TM), why should you?

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