[linux-elitists] Infoworld article on privacy law

Heather star@starshine.org
Fri Dec 1 13:52:41 PST 2000

Okay enough fussing over whether RMS thinks he can extend the GPL's 
jurisdiction into countries who thumb their nose at everything else the
US tells them to do too.  At least he's trying to fight for the right,
even if his tools are a bit warped.

Time to see what the wolves in congress are trying to pull over our eyes:

According to The Infoworld Scoop morning edition / email...


Posted at November 30, 2000 11:58 AM Pacific

WASHINGTON - DESPITE uncertainty in the outcome of the
2000 presidential election, privacy advocates expect
the next Congress to pass a law providing basic
protections for consumer privacy online.

A general-purpose online privacy law would affect all
Web sites run by U.S. companies and nonprofit
organizations, and it could require significant
investments in network security, database management,
and auditing systems, experts say.

For the full story:

p.s. I am probably violating something unless I tell you the above is
     an excerpt from material Copyright 2000 InfoWorld Media Group Inc.

* Heather * [A computer is] like an Old Testament god, with a lot of rules 
            and no mercy.  -- Joseph Campbell

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