[linux-elitists] We are elitist criminals!

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Thu Aug 31 06:20:33 PDT 2000

> > >> What, you've never heard of FILK!?!
> > >> Shame on you.
> > 
> > What the Heck is Filk Music?
> > by Nick Smith (of LA Filkharmonics)
Nick is a cool dude.  If Filk were Linux he'd be one of our kernel hackers.

> If I  didn't know any better,  I'd say that  you just made a  completely off
> topic post :-)
> Marc

Perhaps, being elitists, you actually read Kipling.  A fair number of his 
stuff carries a good beat to it... possibly they were actually written to 
songs we don't have.

Another famous filker who didn't speak in the piece Deirdre posted, has
tunes for most of his stuff.  (She's really prolific, but a few people 
beat her to some of them, and some are long enough to not make good song
circle material except as fragment readings.)

So, imagine whatever drumbeat you'd like behind the dark whispers of 
"The Pict's Song"

We are the Linux Folk, we
Too little to woo or to bait
But leave us alone and you'll see
With source, we control our own fate.

(this verse: ESR)
Beware of the worm on the Net
Beware of the cracker with root
We are the wizards who wait
To see you shoot self in the foot

Everywhere marketing calls
We never look for the ads...
But always his heavy foot falls:
"See attached, Excel and Wordpad."

His servers go down;  that is all.
When placed as a stopgap, we stayed
And someday become the firewall --
Email, web and news for our blade.

(both ESR and I messed with this one; more his than mine)
No indeed, we may not code
But we know hackers that will
Yes, and we'll guide them along
And when they screw up we'll type `kill' (-9)

We will be slaves to the beep;
Sysadmins have always been slaves,
But still, we will get lots more sleep
And have better chance of upgrades.

. . . . . ~ . . . . .

This serves as a clear (linux-y even) example of the filk process.  I wrote
the song when the press had barely heard of us, in a fit of elitism :)
For the next half year or so I sang it amongst filkers, and to open source 
folk who I know to enjoy filk, or who might have expressed, "we need some 
songs or something".  

My later "Programmer's Daughter" expresses my own experience of source
based software.  (waaaaaay predating this buzzword stuff)  I think it's 
better, but since the base tune is purely from the filk community (stuff 
it up your tailpipe really tightly, RIAA, I've been vaguely ignoring "your" 
stuff for a long while) and has some "bugs" of its own (3 pages of verses!?)
less people would know it.  And the one above is meant to be joined by the 
throng.  Both were well recieved at Conchord that year.

Anyways, you have the usual filkers license over the above, which is
that the base work is copyright me, if you modify it's expected that
you comment your mods, and you can "distribute" (sing and print) it 
freely provided you're not making bucks off it.  Well, more than repro
costs, anyway, we're not usually sticky about it.  Um, and if you
really have fun with it, I'd like a copy ;P   No objection to making
bucks, but hey, I am the copyright holder, honor me that far;  at least
give me the chance to get a piece of the pie or waive same.

Rather BSDish really. (Not quite, their original sort of maps to "when you
mod it then it's yours - you should mention what parts we made, but we're
not responsible if you sing it in E flat minor 7th.")  I saw someone refer 
to a "filkers GPL" but I think they described "free for noncommercial use"
instead.  The point is, filk music is folk music for futuristic kinds of 
folks... it's meant to be shared, sung, adapted to real life and new ideas 

There.  That's on topic.  And I can be a filk elitist too.  Nyaa.

* Heather * Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if 
            no birds sang there except those that sang best. -- Henry Van Dyke
	p.s. it would improve the vocal quality of some filk circles but we'd
	     lose some of our best lyricists.

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