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Paul J Collins sneakums@eircom.net
Wed Aug 30 14:03:58 PDT 2000

>>>>> "Eugene" == Eugene Leitl <eugene.leitl@lrz.uni-muenchen.de> writes:

    Eugene> Paul J Collins writes:
    >> Not a wrapper; it's a Linux super-server, much in the style of
    >> the BSD super-server that NeXTstep uses on top of Mach.
    >> Running Linux-L4

    Eugene> It works, without too high penalty on latency, doesn't it?

Linux already has enough latencies, even in 2.4.  More are not needed.
Ingo Molnar (and possibly others) has been doing work on this, but I
can't get a kernel built with his patch applied to work.  Shame.

    Eugene> If I have a system with a million processors _and_ a small
    Eugene> memory grain size (say, about 1 MByte, or less) I
    Eugene> certainly can't afford a 500 kByte kernel. All I need is

Certainly.  No operating system kernel is going to be appropriate for
all situations.  A nice microkernel fits the bill there.

However, I'm talking about super-servers derived from pre-existing
operating systems, which will be roughly the same size as the
equivalent kernel.  Running Linux or BSD on a microkernel buys you

    >> I guess it's all perspectives.  But I doubt that your two
    >> kilobyte Forth kernel provides everything that your fat Linux
    >> kernel does.
    Eugene> Wrong attitude. Why has everything to stay in the kernel?
    Eugene> I should be able either to swap code in, or refer to code
    Eugene> residing in other nodes by passing messages.
I shine my torch around, and I see big signs saying ``Paul's Ignorance
Starts Beyond This Line''.  Embedded and distributed system are
another thing I'm not qualified to have an opinion about.

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