[linux-elitists] ME roadshow

Eugene Leitl eugene.leitl@lrz.uni-muenchen.de
Wed Aug 30 11:43:19 PDT 2000

(((btw, procmail just ate my last 30 mails, so I haven't seen any 
   replies before this one)))

Paul J Collins writes:

 > QNX's kernel does not provide the variety of services that a
 > Unix-style kernel does.  It provides three basic services: process

Well, maybe we don't need a complete country fair in a kernel.

 > management, message passing and proxies (some kind of non-blocking
 > messaging facility).  These services are accessed using approximately
 > fourteen system calls.

Sounds highly sensible to me. Wonder why L4/Fiasko never went
anywhere, as it is developed around similiar principles.

 > All other services are provided by server processes such as Proc, Net,
 > Fsys and Dev.  The QNX kernel seems to act like the Unix kernel in
 > that each process has its own copy of the kernel; no context switch is

I would probably implement a kernel as a rudimentary VM, preferably
with good hardware support.

 > required to call into the QNX Kernel.  (Obviously there is a
 > transition from user to supervisor mode required.)

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