[linux-elitists] ME roadshow

Eugene Leitl eugene.leitl@lrz.uni-muenchen.de
Wed Aug 30 10:25:11 PDT 2000

Paul J Collins writes:

 > It's yet another stopgap while Mickeysoft tries to pull its finger out
 > and trim enough fat off of Windows 2000 Professional to put it on
 > home-grade computers.

Not that Linux hasn't gotten The Bloat, and also see the lameness of
X. Way too fat for a PDA (btw, a few days ago almost destroyed my toe
by dropping my Newton 130 upon it, owch), and even more so for an
embedded. If Forth, you can have kernels 2-4 kByte large, and QNX
demonstrates that 12 kBytes is very possible for a *nix type of

Linux sucks less, but it still sucks.

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