[linux-elitists] Re: Slashdot -- win2000 doesn't support loadlin or umsdos?

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Wed Aug 30 08:05:49 PDT 2000

> On Tue, Aug 29, 2000 at 11:27:18PM -0700, Heather wrote:
> >   a) easy solution, don't bother accepting an upgrade that's a downgrade.
> Ppl who get Win2000 preinstalled on their new cptr beceause Win98
> isn't available anymore don't have a choice.

I've cc'd the local linux elitists list because I think they'll enjoy the
moment's hit to a web page.

Of course they do, they can scrape it clean and install BeOS, FreeBSD,
maybe even OpenBSD, or any of a growing stack of Linux distros.

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Time for me to go check the long form of the EULA on their website again.
Last time I looked good and hard (around Windows Refund Day) there was a
provision that noted how you were supposed to be able to get older versions.
At the time it had notes about how to get them (I think it was the crifty
future of something that began as the disk exchange program, 5.25" for 3.5")

Now the text reads
   The standard procedure to accomplish a downgrade (one which is not
   covered under an existing EULA), is to purchase the current retail
   version of a product, and then submit a written request to the
   Permissions/Copyright Group in the Microsoft Legal Department
   requesting the downgrade. We require that requests to downgrade be
   submitted on a product-by-product basis. If downgrade rights are not
   granted to you under your product EULA, you must obtain written
   permission to downgrade.

IOW you have to write them to get permission to use an older version
than the one you buy in the store - individually for every single product.
However if the EULA you already have mentions the right, 
   Please note that if your EULA grants you the right to run a prior
   version of the software, you do not need further written permission
   and, in fact, no special permission will be granted. Please review
   your EULA to determine whether you have downgrade rights.

And, they only would review issues of store bought, not OEM inflicted,

You have to get the downgrade on your own, though, since they don't
promise they'll have FPP of old product.  The other two methods are
to buy the old one's diskettes from a local vendor for a nominal fee
(hey, if he had the old FPP, why didn't we just buy that) 
     * You may choose to copy the downgraded software from your own
       licensed source.

But, then you have to get the multiple copies to be willing to co-exist
regardless of their copy protecting serial numbers.

And later on in the page 
they mention "Microsoft Select" and K-12 under opportunities to copy 
what you have.  I assume the first is if you throw enough money at them
they'll do anything, and the second is if you can throw enough tax 
writeoff at them.

A formal project of people writing in for the rights (every time) to 
copy their already present MS products so they never upgrade, just expand,
might be interesting, but it isn't very Linux.  And it's pretty hard to
get people to sit down and write like that.  I think they'll just vote 
with their feet and wallets, now that there's plenty of linux distros
on the retail shelf.

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