[linux-elitists] We are elitist criminals!

Ben ben@valinux.com
Tue Aug 29 13:45:34 PDT 2000

> What, you've never heard of FILK!?!
> Shame on you.

Nope never heard of it. What is it?

> > Not engineered here:
> > --------------------
> > Living here in La Paz is kind of sad in one respect. La Paz is the
> > main commercial port for the products from Asia. The city is like a
> > huge duty free shop for asian goods. The thing that I really stands
> > out to me is the concept of "not engineered here". There is so much
> > stuff here that is not engineered here. The Mexicans haven't developed
> > the engineering talent to design or produce many of the things that
> > they use in their daily lives. It is pretty sad. 
> Actually, much of Sony's domestic product IS produced in Mexico. They have
> a major fabrication plant in Guadalajara.

But it isn't engineered in Mexico. There is a difference.


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