[linux-elitists] Accountability and leverage (was: University of EULA?)

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Tue Aug 29 16:16:13 PDT 2000

begin  Don Marti Uses GIFs on the Sly quotation:
> Linux banned in the dorms at UCLA: http://oppression.nerdherd.org/

I think it's important to make sure people have access to the _names_ 
of the people who take these butt-headed actions:

  Mike Schilling, mschilling@be.ucla.edu, 310-825-5125
     Business and Finance Department's Information Technology Group
     (oversees the Student Technology Center, which administers the
     dorm LAN and WAN)
  Dan Park, dpark@be.ucla.edu, Business and Finance Department
  Amy Gershon, 310-206-2895
     Assistant Dean of Students, Office of Residential Life
  Rick [surname unstated], 310-825-3400
     head of the Student Technology Center

When people like Schilling take truly stunningly unprofessional and
arbitrary actions, they inevitably do everything they can to remain
faceless, and hide behind their employers.  This needs to come to an end.

The record suggests inability to understand network technology, and
consequent fear of what they cannot comprehend.  And, above all, it's
obvious that they feared public attention and accountability.

Never tangle with small-minded tyrants unless and until you have a
sufficient lever to use.  Dan Helfman's lever was public and
academic-community attention.  They hated that, because they could not 
spin-control or trump it.

Deirdre's lever in _her_ university standoff turned out to be the
Americans with Disability Act.  Pettifoggers everywhere _hate_ even
having to worry about an ADA action.

And if you're thinking of going privately to management to tell them
your company's good-old-boy CIO is behaving extremely appropriately
towards substantively all the female staff, make an appointment _first_
with the EEOC, so you're protected against the firm taking the easy
kill-the-messenger route out.  (Right, Robin?)

Get everything in writing, and sign nothing without sleeping on it.
The pettifoggers are used to walkovers.  Pick your battles and tactics
carefully, and the dispute will often go your way, instead.

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