[linux-elitists] University of EULA?

W. Reilly Cooley, Esq. wcooley@nakedape.cc
Tue Aug 29 13:11:29 PDT 2000

On Tue, Aug 29, 2000 at 12:54:55PM -0700, Steve Beattie wrote:
> > And why should the government tax
> > these "schools" any differently from private-sector research labs? Get
> > the hackers out of the universities and the problem will take care of
> > itself.
> You'd be killing a significant of open source work as well. StackGuard
> and the other Immunix research were all funded through DARPA. In part,
> that was my advisor's (and now my boss at WireX) intent -- that by
> doing research on open source software, the GPL limited the IP hoarding
> possibilities of the parent University. And DARPA in the past few years
> has had a big push towards supporting research on OSS.

A more appropriate solution would be to require that technology be
"published" in the public domain or, if patented, required to be some
kind of "open" patent, like what Raph Levien has done, and that all
produced software fall under an open-source license.  Not just for
public universities, but anything funded with tax-payer money--government
contracts, etc.  Private unis should be encouraged likewise.

> That said, hackers are already leaving grad schools in droves. Graduate
> programs are having a really difficult time finding any students because
> the perceived income benefit of a graduate degree doesn't make up for
> the 2-7 years of servitude at near or below minimum wage income.

Hell, I can't even really justify going back to finish my undergrad...

> > Linux banned in the dorms at UCLA: http://oppression.nerdherd.org/
> That's just wrong. But then in my undergraduate days, I never lived
> in the dorms because it was a dry campus[3] and off-campus
> housing was usually a much better deal. 

Dry campus?  Linux forbidden? Jeez.  I guess Reed really is an unusual
place... Only once did I hear of any problems caused by Linux at Reed,
and that was when some physics major couldn't figure out how to use
DHCP and just grabbed an IP address... Which happened to be the IP of
our main server :(  Of course, a sensible network infrastructure could
have prevented that, but that would mean paying people adequate salaries.

Of course, Windows hasn't such problems. ;)  We were surfing the 'hood on
my friend's Windows system one night when we found that a professor's C:
drive was shared, and writable...

> [3] No alcool permitted, unless you were an administrator who could
>     grant yourself an exception permit.

Yuck.  People at Reed are pissed because the gov't and whining
administrators have forced Reed to institute a policy stating that they
might actually enforce the usual state and federal laws on alcohol a
drug use.  Ah, but that was Old Reed...

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