[linux-elitists] We are elitist criminals!

Deirdre Saoirse deirdre@deirdre.net
Mon Aug 28 14:27:26 PDT 2000

On Sat, 26 Aug 2000, Ben wrote:

> Ghandi's answer was truly simple. Teach everyone to spin their own
> thread and weave their own clothes. Ghandi would sit there and give
> patriotic speaches while spinning thread from cotton.

While initially he did it as a political statement, he later found that he
truly enjoyed spinning. Over a million spinning wheels have been sold by
Ashford (a New Zealand company) in the last 60 years. NZ had a lot of
sheep, but had similar importation problems. Thus, the company was formed
to resolve some of the same issues that India had, but with wool rather
than cotton. Ashford did, for a while, make a charka -- the spinning wheel
of the type Ghandi designed. The most popular charka is about the same
size as a hardback book, thus it can be readily transported and hidden.

> I think that the open source community has to take similar stance and
> quit whining about the constraints those of other beliefs put on their
> creations. I think we need our own home-spun revolution. We need to
> make our own music....

What, you've never heard of FILK!?!

Shame on you.

> Not engineered here:
> --------------------
> Living here in La Paz is kind of sad in one respect. La Paz is the
> main commercial port for the products from Asia. The city is like a
> huge duty free shop for asian goods. The thing that I really stands
> out to me is the concept of "not engineered here". There is so much
> stuff here that is not engineered here. The Mexicans haven't developed
> the engineering talent to design or produce many of the things that
> they use in their daily lives. It is pretty sad. 

Actually, much of Sony's domestic product IS produced in Mexico. They have
a major fabrication plant in Guadalajara.

> When I thought about it, I understood why MD's were so hard to find in
> the US. No MD was engineered in the US. They were all imported to the
> US. The availability of MDR's in the US was directly related to the
> caprice of those importing them.

Well, there's another issue: like DIVX, we're not that interested.

> That is when it hit me, that really behind companies like Sony there
> are ONLY few people who do the designs for their products. Maybe 1000?

Probably more than that.

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