[linux-elitists] We are elitist criminals!

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Mon Aug 28 13:39:39 PDT 2000

[ India's homespun revolution compressed ]

> I think that the open source community has to take similar stance and
> quit whining about the constraints those of other beliefs put on their
> creations. I think we need our own home-spun revolution. We need to
> make our own music; 

Some of us already do.  In my fannish running crowd, we know pretty strongly
where the new music is coming from among us, and occasionally filkers who
want to use pop music as a base find that they can't publish.  (Not just pop
by the way.  Doctor D loves us.  Weird Al thinks we're all whackos.  And a
handful of artists have "shall not produce derivitive works" clauses in their
wills, sigh.)

> we need it make our own movies. We need to have
> our own performers.

And What DO You Get If You ACT NOW?
                                     The source code!

 --- Nick and Rick, in front of CompUSA when win98 launched and we handed
     out lots of linux discs.  

> When they see that this is what we are doing, then
> they will try to stop us. They will try to cripple our production
> equipment and we will have to learn how to make our own. Linux is just
> the beginning of the revolution.
We hardly have to make our own since their cast off 486s serve us better
than they ever did anyone under MS.
> Another concept that I have come to realize while down here is LAW is
> a very scary thing. Law is an agreement by a group of individuals to
> override the will of another person. The concept that someone can take
> away my freedom to choose on some matters is truly frightening to
> me. I don't think that we fully appriciate the gravity of making
> laws. The idea of making a job out of making laws seems to be an
> almost perverse. 

I stand firmly in principle against any law which appears to exist solely
for the purpose of allowing some moms and dads to believe that their kids
are "safe" even if they never act like parents.

To continue the analogy, the DVD cartel did not sufficiently act like
parents to their technology in two respects: (1) their encryption was so
weak even WWI Germany would probably laugh at it; (2) they were sufficiently
stuffy about the idea of having more customers over here among the li'l
devils in tennis shoes and stuffed-with-herring penguins that they tork'd
us off.  Of course if there had not been the ongoing media circus telling
us to want what they've got #2 wouldn't have been worth much.  Maybe "why
are our sales slowing if we're producing more discs and there's lots of 
players out there?"

But that's the way it needs to be.  

* Heather * Adhere to your own act, and congratulate yourself if you have 
            done something strange and extravagant, and broken the monotony 
            of a decorous age.  -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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