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Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Sat Aug 26 13:16:19 PDT 2000

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begin  Aaron Lehmann quotation:

> This act doesn't and never will have anything directly to do with me
> but it really opened my eyes to the ignorance and religious bias in
> California's legal system.

Not to mention the complete and total absence of logic in that
proposition's justification.  One wanted to strap all the proponents
into chairs, with the requisite electrodes to ensure their attention,
and say "Now, let's examine the _specifics_ of what 'protecting marriage' 
would logically have to mean."

> What HAS happened to California?

The human-potential movement, massive anti-intellectualism towards the
latter half of that movement (late '60s), entertainment as the
foundation of culture, and consequent narcissism as a world-view.  Pity
that you never knew California culture before it set out to parody

It's not so much ignorance or religion at work, but rather a prevailing
ethic that facts don't count, larger realities don't count; all that 
matters is how you feel and what you feel personally comfortable with 
on the spur of any given moment.

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