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Aaron Lehmann aaronl@vitelus.com
Fri Aug 25 22:49:49 PDT 2000

On Fri, Aug 25, 2000 at 09:29:57PM -0400, Rusty Foster wrote:
> Aaron Lehmann wrote:
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> > As much as I hate posting recycled slashdot crap,
> > http://slashdot.org/yro/00/08/26/0330249.shtml really caught my eye.
> > I'm hoping that we can have a discussion here that won't be as lame as
> > the typical slashdot one.
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> > Is it time for BurnAllDVDs.org ?
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> Is it just me, or is California the most insanely litigious and
> legalistic place on the planet? The popular myth is that the West coast
> is laid-back, easy-go-lucky, and cool. Think Kerouac lying out under the
> stars, etc. Lies! All lies!

I am AMAZED at some of the things that have been passed recently. A
few years ago, producing horsemeat was made illegal becuase some silly
group thought that all of our poor horsies were being killed to have
their meat exported.

More alarming was Prop 22. The motivation behind this was
hate. The groups that pushed it said they were just trying to prevent
marriage from being twisted and redefined.


A quick google search turned up http://www.protectmarriage.net/ as one
of the supporters of the proposition. "A "YES" vote on Proposition 22
means that people will continue to have the right to live as they
choose, but not to re-define marriage for our entire society." Excuse
me??? You can do whatever you want and marry however you want, but all
prop 22 did was make life much more miserable for homosexuals. That
site also says "This proposition sends a positive message to America's
children..." Again, what the fuck? Quit expecting the law to instill
your fundamentallist values in your own children.

When I first saw the text of prop 22, I didnt believe that someone
would have enough hate to make a proposition that simply makes life
harder for people who just want to be able to have a partner. The
arguments for it were really only "it defines marriage as between a
man and a woman which is the Right Thing." Hello???? Maybe they were
leaving out the fact that that would create embarassment, loss of
rights, and much more for homosexuals. But I wasn't very worried,
becuase I thought there was no way in hell that more than 50% of the
people whould agree with such a pointless, hating idea.

It passed. One half of the democrats voted yes, five sixths of the
republicans voted yes. That's pretty insane. This act doesn't and
never will have anything directly to do with me but it really opened
my eyes to the ignorance and religious bias in California's legal

Sorry for going off-topic but I am still pretty pissed off that I
share a state with such inconsiderate people. If only I was old enough
to vote :/.

I hope we can count on the stereotype that California is a
computer-literate place and therefore people will actually understand
the stupidity behind the MPAA's case. But I'm not optimistic.

What HAS happened to California?

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Is it ever gonna reopen? ;-|

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