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Don Marti dmarti@linuxjournal.com
Fri Aug 25 16:10:18 PDT 2000

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Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 13:00:02 -0700
From: Don Marti <dmarti@linuxjournal.com>
Subject: LJ needs distribution reviews
To: lj-authors@ssc.com

Attention Linux Journal contributors:

Some former hash dealers in Uzbekistan shoplifted a copy of Red Hat, put
their name in, added a new version of Freecell, designed a T-shirt, and
sat back to enjoy a well-deserved smoke. Congratulations, people, you're
in the Linux distribution business. 

End of story, right? Wrong! Somebody has to review the damn thing. Along
with every other Linux distribution that some no-better-idea-having
wannabe entrepreneur whomped up while we weren't looking.

Are you prepared to write an overview of hundreds of megabytes of
software and get brutally flamed by thousands of distribution bigots if
you miss one tiny utility?

Do you want to trash a perfectly good Linux install on a perfectly good
machine, then write down what you did and do it AGAIN?

Do you want to get press releases and crap until the end of time, from
cute but annoying PR people who think that their company IS Linux?

Are you looking to read some of the dumbest software documentation
ever written by a human being -- and actually DO WHAT IT SAYS?

Then I've got news for you. You're ready to be a distribution reviewer
for Linux Journal. Reviewing distributions is the most thankless job
in Linux, and we will make it more so. This is not going to be easy.
This task makes reviewing individual programs look like your third
grade book report. We'll want to know everything from what compiler
options they used to whether or not the GNOME foo-foo is antialiased
on a distribution where the default is KDE. We'll make you point out
the brutally stupid design decisions that "your" distribution made, in
excruciating and accurate detail -- then defend yourself and us when
the aforementioned distro bigots surround our secret Seattle compound.
We'll make you upgrade it, configure it, break it, fix it, and give our
readers a true and accurate sense of living inside it.

No more casual glances. No more bootie-kissing reviews. The great
distribution consolidation is at hand, and we're just the people to mow
them down and burn them like fungus-infested oats. Mow them down with
the FACTS, that is. LJ contributors! Be ye men|women or mice? Will you
do this savage, violent yet technotically detailed writing job? And
make it compelling, or at least not I-put-the-cd-in-the-drive painfully

Apply to ljeditor@ssc.com -- Darcy has a shelf full of distributions,
and she wants to make one of them into YOUR problem. And maybe our
readers will thank you a little.

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