[linux-elitists] New spam host: survey.nsi-direct.com

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Wed Aug 16 14:05:39 PDT 2000

Checking my procmail logs, I notice that Network Solutions almost never
sends two consecutive bits of spam from the same host.  It seems they 
know that large numbers of sites blackhole each new one immediately,
as soon as it's used.

The newest is "survey.nsi-direct.com".  I've just blackholed anything
coming from any subdomain of nsi-direct.com, along with anything from
lists.netsol.com, anything from integram.org having the string "netsol"
anywhere in the address, and any address containing the string
"thedotcompeople".  Recommended.

In the current spam, Network Solutions addresses my by my given name and
attempts to get me to take a "survey" of people who've elected to take
their domains elsewhere.  If I really rush and am among the first 100
respondents, I can "earn" a $10 gift certificante for amazon.com.

I'm further assured that the results would be "internal only" and 
confidential.  I'm also assured I can opt out of ("unsubscribe from")
further spam.

As I commented about yesmail.com, get put into the MAPS RBL, and there's
a chance you might re-emerge; piss off sysadmins, and you're going to be
blackholed forever.

Cheers,                              "Open your present...."
Rick Moen                            "No, you open your present...."
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