[linux-elitists] beginner linux books...

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Sun Aug 13 21:04:37 PDT 2000

> Can any of you recommend a good Linux book that deals with elementary sys
> admin stuff, specifically rebuilding the kernel (i.e. modules, subsystems,
> etc...)?
> I'm looking for something in addition Running Linux to cite in my book so
> it doesn't look like shameless promotion. Unfortunately I haven't really
> read any other introductory stuff...
> +++ath
> Derek Vadala, derek@cynicism.com, http://www.cynicism.com/~derek

Hm.  My favorite books to recommend are:

A Practical Guide to the Linux System
	Mark Sobell.  another in the now-huge family of "Practical Guide
	to the ... System" which are later incarnations of the book that
	got me seriously deeply nerdy in Unix.

	Its cover also looks quite fun :)  belly flopping penguins

Linux System Administration (new riders)
	by Jim Dennis, M Carling, and Steve Degler.  A totally shameless
	plug.  I helped technical edit.  It's more about sysadmin'ing than
	about Linux, and it's more aimed to people who are smart and want
	to learn more, but it covers a bunch of good things like boot 
	sequence and printing and stuff real people want to do with a box.

	Just curious, rebuilding kernels is "elementary" sysadmin stuff?

UNIX for the Impatient
	okay so it's not a linux specific book.  so?

As for non book sources, I highly recommend that you go to linuxdoc.org,
surf into the howto's you have an interest in, and find their homesites
and FOLLOW THAT LINK!  I was doing this last week and am pretty disgusted
at how many links just on my field of interest are shabbily out of date.

* Heather * No two persons ever read the same book.  -- Edmund Wilson

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