[linux-elitists] a lame query

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Fri Aug 11 00:47:32 PDT 2000

begin Seth David Schoen quotation:

> But the DNS server admin can presumably make a single change (if only
> it would work!), and then those who have zones served on the machine
> (master or slave) won't have to do anything, won't need to make any
> changes.

No, my recollection is that this is not possible.  That IP address is
stuck with the domain assigned to it at the time the host record is
created.   Practically any significant change requires that domain's 
admin deleting the host record.  For example, even Don as domain owner
for the LINCEXPO.ORG second-level domain could not authorise changing
the host record for to reassign it to my second-level
domain, LINUXMAFIA.COM.  Accomplishing that transfer would have required
(1) Don deleting the host record entirely, followed by (2) my taking 
out a new host record of my choosing for -- which, actually,
NetSol might not have allowed because was/is "owned" by
TLG.NET people.

During any time gap between steps 1 and 2, my nameserver would become
non-authoritative for all the domains it served.   Therefore, I found
it less problematic to just wait until I could move the machine to an
entirely new IP address. 

I _believe_ that one of the benefits of moving to a non-NetSol registrar
is avoiding the entire aforementioned debacle.  Certainly, I've seen
no sign of "host record" idiocy since moving my domain.

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