[linux-elitists] a lame query

Seth David Schoen schoen@loyalty.org
Thu Aug 10 22:52:14 PDT 2000

Rick Moen writes:

> begin  Seth David Schoen quotation:
> Yes, but one is not permitted to reassign a NetSol host-record FQDN to a
> different IP.  So, it is useless for that kind of redirection.  

But the DNS server admin can presumably make a single change (if only
it would work!), and then those who have zones served on the machine
(master or slave) won't have to do anything, won't need to make any

It seems that the ratio of domains to name servers used to be much
larger (though I'm not positive); fewer people or a smaller proportion
of people (?) -- maybe "of domain owners, or of beneficiaries of
subdomain delegations" actually ran their own nameservers.  If so,
this feature would have been more useful in the past.

> My experience was with the host record for HUGIN.LINCEXPO.ORG =
>, which NetSol auto-registered as owned by Don Marti when
> he cited my IP address as secondary DNS for the above-named second-leve
> domain.  The result was that I was blocked from administrative control
> of my own nameserver, a situation not fully resolved until I stepped out
> from under it by moving the machine to a new IP address.

Yep. That sucks, it's kind of typical, and they don't really warn you
about it, because NSI's bad at actually giving out technical
information about the consequences of what they're doing.  And they're
getting worse.

> > The Linux DNS documentation from the LDP, the BIND documentation, and
> > _DNS and BIND_ (at least 2nd and 3rd eds., probably 1st ed., which
> > I've never seen) use host names as NS record data.
> Yes, but there's no compelling reason why they should be required in the
> _registry_ records, just to use allow use of a DNS server for its
> intended purpose.  Obviously, listing an IP address should be all that's
> necessary.

I.e., why did the root servers and GTLD servers choose to delegate
by name, and why did they not give domain admins a choice?

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