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Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Thu Aug 10 22:19:58 PDT 2000

begin  Seth David Schoen quotation:

> OK, so one issue is why we delegate by name instead of by IP address.
> This is presumably so that name server administrators can move their
> name servers around easily, without needing the help of their
> delegation parents.
> For instance, when Nick moved zork.net, and changed the DNS entries
> for ns.zork.net, I didn't need to change the NS records which I had
> made pointing to zork.net.  This is actually true both of authority NS
> records and of delegations.
> If I had used an IP address, I would have had to make more changes to
> my zones which said "foo IN NS zork.net." when zork's address changed.
> So, although that indirection is redundant, it seems it could be
> useful in some cases, which must be why it's common.

Yes, but one is not permitted to reassign a NetSol host-record FQDN to a
different IP.  So, it is useless for that kind of redirection.  

My experience was with the host record for HUGIN.LINCEXPO.ORG =, which NetSol auto-registered as owned by Don Marti when
he cited my IP address as secondary DNS for the above-named second-leve
domain.  The result was that I was blocked from administrative control
of my own nameserver, a situation not fully resolved until I stepped out
from under it by moving the machine to a new IP address.

I'll have to read the bulk of your message more attentively than I have
time for at the moment.  I can't fairly comment until I can do that.

> The Linux DNS documentation from the LDP, the BIND documentation, and
> _DNS and BIND_ (at least 2nd and 3rd eds., probably 1st ed., which
> I've never seen) use host names as NS record data.

Yes, but there's no compelling reason why they should be required in the
_registry_ records, just to use allow use of a DNS server for its
intended purpose.  Obviously, listing an IP address should be all that's

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