[linux-elitists] a lame query

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Thu Aug 10 20:13:15 PDT 2000

begin  Seth David Schoen quotation:

> I think those host records are used to produce glue records in the
> root zone.

Interesting.  But:

I may be missing something, but it seems to me that those DNS-host 
FQDNs remain a basically superfluous level of indirection, even in the
records you cited.  This line:

> linuxmafia.com.		2D IN NS	NS1.linuxmafia.com.

...could just as easily have directly cited, instead of
necessitating this line:

> NS1.linuxmafia.com.	2D IN A

...to derive the IP, which is what you need to reach a nameserver.

> The information needed to produce that glue record presumably come
> from here:
> :r!whois -h whois.networksolutions.com 'host ns1.linuxmafia.com'
> [...]
> [No name] (NSK1622-HST)
>    Hostname: NS1.LINUXMAFIA.COM Address: System: ?
>    running ?
>    Record last updated on 12-Mar-2000.  Database last updated on
>    10-Aug-2000 01:08:17 EDT.

That is the aforementioned host record, associated with my nameserver's
current IP.  I believe NetSol still retains a fux0red-up, automatically
generated host record for its former IP,, over which
NetSol mistakenly assigned to Don Marti, rather than me, causing me all
sorts of grief.  

In fact, because of this NetSol system, any IP with an associated host
record becomes effectively a damaged IP address, because it effectively 
cannot be cited for new DNS service under a new admin's authority until
the existing host record gets deleted (in order for a new host record
to be permitted).

> If they did not have that host record, they would not be able to
> generate the glue record.

The first line you cite (above) could have been less baroquely 

    linuxmafia.com.               2D IN NS

...eliminating the need for the second one you cited.  In fact, I
believe that that's what _used_ to be done, though I can't claim to have
reconstructed the details.

My hypothesis is that NetSol's objective is to accumulate host records,
whose high-value admin contact information can then be sold to marketing

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