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Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Thu Aug 10 18:46:59 PDT 2000

begin  Michael Higashi quotation:

> If you're going to run your own nameserver, and I agree with Don that this
> is the way to go, you also need to give your registrar information about
> the _host_ that the name server software is running on, so you don't have
> a chicken-and-egg problem of how to look up a name from a name server that
> points to itself as its own nameserver.

Network Solutions confused this issue, a few years ago, by insisting
that you had to register a "host record" for any DNS server you wanted
to be authoritative.[1]  That essentially-pointless[2] "host record"
contained, among other things, a fully-qualified _hostname_ along with
the server's IP address.

Unfortunately, these "host records" tend to perpetuate the notion that
DNS servers are contacted through some means that involves resolving
their names.  _That_ has never been true:  The identities of DNS servers
are always and everywhere specified by IP address.

Your registrar must, indeed, be told of your two (or more) DNS servers
that you intend to be authoritative for your domain.  However, the key
information the registrar will use for this purpose is the machines' 
IP addresses, not their hostnames.

If particular regstrars also require additional machine information,
such as Network Solutions with its stupid and sleazy "host records",
that is an administrative requirement idiosyncratic to that registrar,
not a technical one.

[1] "Authoritative" means the world at large will know to consult it
concerning your domain or subdomain.  For all practical purposes, you
need to ensure that a nameserver is authoritative for the domain served,
for it to do any good at all.

[2] Pointless to everyone except Network Solutions, who seem to have 
created this database in order to have higher-value records to mine for 
spamming, more closely associating admins and IT executives' personal
contact methods with the DNS servers they oversee.

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