[linux-elitists] Press 1 for Linux support. Press 2 for...

Heather Stern star@starshine.org
Thu Aug 3 15:09:28 PDT 2000

> >   * Monterey ...  I don't know where this is going.
> North, at the rate of about 4 inches a year, along with the rest of the
> Pacific Plate.  Which is about 4 inches/yr. faster than the OS
> consortium.

*giggle* and it's a fave convention site for USENIX conferences.
> > In the deal Caldera got 15,000 ISVs and a sales force.  In six months
> > there may be existing customers still buying copies of UnixWare or
> > Open Server but the new people will be going with Linux.  Support
> > should quickly transition to the Linux camp.
> Interesting how things change.  When I first proposed SAS on Linux to
> the SAS Institute, the response whas that they already supported x86
> Linux under Slowaris86 and SCO, and through the Intel ABI compatibility
> standard.  Now Linux *is* the iUnix binary compatibility standard, SCO
> is dead (or good as), and .... what's happening with Solaris86 these
> days? 

Last I heard it actually got upgraded to pretty-close and is therefore 
usable (by those who favor Solaris).  But FreeBSD and Linux both beat it
up for being designed for the wimpy PC platform.

> BTW, is there any control retained over the Unix trademark by SCO
> or Caldera?  We might finally be really close to saying Linux *is* Unix
> by that (meaningless) metric too.

No, SCO hasn't owned the (tm) part for a long while.  The Open Group had
it last I heard.  Of course that's why Linux and FreeBSD both call ourselves
"unix-like" - the Open Group is waaaaaaaaaaay not interested in being Open.

* Heather * 
	A 386 can outperform a Pentium II easily.  It just depends
	what hardware is in it, and what you're trying to do with it.

	In this case, the 386 has a -working- power supply...

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